How to Change Your World During a Pandemic 1

One of the hardest parts of quarantined life in a pandemic for world-changing believers is that many of the ways we worked to change the world are now difficult or impossible. LCC is not doing our large outreaches, our children’s outreach team is not face painting or twisting balloons, and it seems like we are observers rather than game-changers.

One thing we can still do (as of 4/1) is walk around our neighborhoods. As long as you maintain distance, walking is good for you and your immune system. Instead of just walking, let’s try prayer walking. LCC’s prayer walking guide says, “We bring the light of Christ into the area and impact spiritual darkness just by our presence as the children of light.”

Some Practical tips: Wear comfortable shoes & appropriate attire; pray for protection before you walk, pray out loud and maintain a prayer focus throughout your walk; if walking with others pray in agreement and reinforce each other (of course make sure your group is small and only made up of those already in your quarantine circle); ask God to reveal the things that are on His heart; ask God to help you see our community as He sees it; ask the Holy Spirit to give us insights and specifics so we can pray more effectively.

Start with praise & worship: Praise God for who He is the only True & Living God, the Creator, Almighty God who desires that all people to be saved & know Him.

Claim the Community for Christ: God’s promise to Moses that wherever his foot touched, that land would be his and his ancestors (Deut 11:24) Joshua 1:3: “Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given to you, as I promised Moses.”

Declare Christ’s truth in a place filled with falsehood.
Proclaim Christ as the answer.
Pronounce blessing in the name of Jesus on homes, schools, businesses, churches, etc…

-Intercede on behalf of the community coming against authorities and powers that bring corruption & bondage.
-Pray with authority in the Name of Jesus; Bind & loose as directed by the Holy Spirit (Matt 18:18); Pull down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)
-Intercede on behalf of the community for a spiritual awakening that will lift the standard of righteousness and bring an end to violence, crime, and evil manifestations in the area and most importantly for the salvation of the people.
-Pray in the Spirit – the perfect will of God

You might even ask those you meet if you can pray for them (from a safe distance).

We are not powerless in a pandemic! Pray for each home you walk past and bring the Spirit of Hope and Healing to your neighborhood.

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